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1. Februar 2014 / Blog /
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Welcome home is a new project I created with and about Angelo Kelly, a musician who recently settled down in Irelands countryside. The series is about their first month in their new life, the rebuilding of the house, the learning about a selfsufficient lifestyle and for sure about making music together as a family.

I spend about 15 days with them in their new home to shoot the series. We visited many different people and so I had a great chance to get to know an Irish lifestyle which is really different to what you know from middle-europe! It reminded me a lot to some places I visited in Australia. (except the rain and the cold…)

You can find the series on Angelos Youtube channel
There will be a new episode for 7 weeks from 1st February till 15th March. Each episode runs for about 10 min.

Here is the first episode on my vimeo: