Videoshoot in Ireland

20. Januar 2014 / Blog /

Ireland in the winter… Great. That’s what I thought in the beginnning. But finally it was really fun!
I spend in total 2 weeks of shooting in Ireland for a new Project with Angelo Kelly.

Due to the very mild winter here we had pretty nice days. So it was no problem to shoot outside at different locations.
I’ve been here 3 times already so far, but never made it to stay a couple of days in Dublin. This time I drove through the city two time with the airport shuttle bus. I seems to be a cool town! But again, unfortunately there was no time to use some more days, as I had to get back home to start editing right away – because the due-date is 1st Feb.
Next time, for sure, I’m gonna stay to check out irelands capital with all its irish pubs ;)