Paddy Kelly IN LIVE – Solo & Unplugged


Beginning of 2014 I was asked to record Paddy Kellys Solo & Unplugged Tour for DVD release. In an old factory building in Duisburg we recorded the new Show in March. This industrial atmosphere combined with a perfect light performance made this solo act a really impressive concert experience. I was there with a team of 7, almost everything went smooth as planned so that we achieved really good results with a comparatively small technical setup.
After a long and exhausting post production the DVD was released in June 2014

I want to thank my camera crew Stefan, Octavian, Dirk, Patrick, Shawn, Moe and the audio & production crew Sven & Dirk with their team and our light-designer Rene for his amazing work.

Here you can find some more photos: Paddy Kelly DVD production report

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  • Date: 03/2014
  • Categories: favorites / Motion Pictures / Music
  • Client: Paddy Kelly
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  • Location: Landschaftspark Nord