a NYC portrait

My first time in New York was inspiring.

I usually don’t like busy cities and crowded streets and places so much.
But the diversity of NYC was a really impressive experience.

It felt totally different to the other places I have visited in the US. There is so much going on, every day, every moment – so many things to discover by just walking around. I didn’t want to spend the two weeks I had for only stupid hotspot sightseeing, so I went out with my friends, met new people or I was just wandering around in the different neighborhoods.

I had my camera with me most of the time, but only took it out to capture some atmospheric snapshots from time to time. So I guess these photographs became my personal first little Portrait of New York City.

  • Date: 11/2013
  • Categories: Documentary / featured projects / Motion Pictures / Photography / Reportage / Travel / Travel
  • Location: New York City