How to sell goods to China?

11. November 2015 / Blog /

Or better how to explain it in a short video. That was the challenge. The first idea was a friendly looking sales person talking to the camera. I decided to change the whole concept to a 2D animation. Simple graphics to underline the voice over of the Online Shopping Commercial and therefore make it easier to understand and colorful to fit into the Chinese media market.

Shooting Christmas Songs in August

2. September 2015 / Blog /

… was quite challenging. Artificial Snow might not be in the budget – Oh wait Ireland doesn’t have snow anyway, not now in the Summer and also not in the winter. Haha one problem solved!
By changing the settings a little bit in addition and shooting the Music parts inside in nice and cosy locations it all worked out well! And with the Irish weather it was no problem at all to wear thick sweaters even in the middle of the summer. I think during my 1 week stay on the Green Island in August, the average day temperature was, I would say, around 15 degrees…

We are all really happy with the outcome of the 3 videos.

Cambodia 2015 – Shorty

8. Juli 2015 / Blog /

In June I was travelling to Cambodia for the first time. After being to Vietnam several times the general culture was not entirely strange to me. But still I really enjoyed being back to SE Asia. Cambodia, with it’s strong but really sad history surprised me with a great sense of solidarity and hospitality. The Capital City Phnom Penh was way more developed and modern as I expected, the Minority Tribes in the Mekong area offer several villages with homestays where tourists are very welcome to experience the country living, and the Temple City of Siem Riep was as expected a tourist hotspot with lots of shopping and nightlife opportunities. But how much can I tell from my only 2 weeks short Trip…
Here is a first short video with some highlights of that adventure with imagery from mostly Phnom Penh, Kratie and Siem Riep
Shot on the BMPCC and the Sigma art 18-35 F1,8 with Speedbooster.

Hong Kong – Efficiency meets Streetfood

21. Januar 2015 / Blog /

Find my photo series here: Hong Kong – Where business men have lunch on tiny plastic chairs

I didnt know what to expect when I decided to visit Hong Kong. A modern city? A traditional asian city? I found both. Depending where you go and look you can find an absolute modern and busy business city or on the other side the streetfood and the chaotic bustle like Ive seen it in other asian cities like Bangkok. It was an awesome experience and for sure not the last time Ive been here!

Hong Kong Skyline

When I arrived my friend who lives in Hog Kong told me to catch a bus into the city as it was cheaper than the train. I was already impressed how easy it was to find the right bus stop, but that was just the beginning. Hong Kong offers you everything you would be looking for in a modern world city. There is Wifi everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere! Like mostly I wanted to by a local Sim Card for my phone, but in the end I had no trouble to communicate because I almost constantly had a Wifi connection. Provided in every train station and all important tourist spots as well as in shopping malls and other random places. The best thing: As tourist you register via SMS and get 7 days for free! How awesome is that!

But also besides the telecommunication – I loved Hong Kong. The variety of the city. You will find everything from cheap traditional chinese street kitchens up to Michelin Star Fine Dining Restaurants. If you are in the CBD and the Subway you could feel a little bit like in a SciFi movie but if you go to Sham Shui Po you will find the puls of china with its street markets and thousands of people trying to make their living with cheap copied products…

I was lucky to have a friend who lives there since about 4 years, so we basically went out every night and I got to see so many different spots. Local soup kitchen, fancy rooftop bar, the crazy Wednesday night horse race, Lion Rock which gives you the best view over the Kowloon area, and so much more.
If you ever have a week to spare or a stopover in Asia, Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit!

Amana Melome – Lock and Key

21. Januar 2015 / Blog /

I did the editing for Amana Melome’s Lock and Key. It is the single for her latest Album announced end of 2014. Just before I left New York City I was asked to do the editing. Everything was shot already so it wasn’t a problem to stay in touch via email and skype and finish the project to everybody’s satisfaction. Its a great song and it was transferred into evenly great images by Italien DOP Valentina Camiglia. I am happy that I could also add a little of my own spirit to this nice piece of art!

German Rock in black & white

6. Oktober 2014 / Blog /

“We want it black and white”. That’s how the conversation between the Klaus “Major” Heuser Band and I started.
Klaus Heuser is well known in the German music scene. His new Band just released their first album and they asked me to support their new appearance with a video which introduces the band and their music to the public.

We (my friend and colleague Stefan Siebert and I) started with this mix of studio music and Interview and we are really looking forward to upcoming events and more videos with these guys.

Music video for NANA

5. September 2014 / Blog /

In August I got in touch with Nana, a New York based pop singer. She wanted to shoot a music video but the time and budget was really limited. So we came up with a script, shot and edited the video for her single “Blessed Life” in less than 2 weeks with minimal equipment and a team of 4.

We shot the Video in Harlem, the Contra Studios in Manhattan and in the C-Bar in Queens.

Here are a few photos of the shoot

Real estate photos in NYC

28. August 2014 / Blog /

I spend a great summer in New York City. Within that time I shot a photo series for Dermer Management, a real estate and property management company. The job included several HDR photographs of their managed buildings in Manhattan as well as skyline shots and the lobby and one apartment in the tallest residential building on Park Avenue with a great view over this famous street.
It was a time intense but really interesting way to explore the city.

click here to see the whole gallery




Dominican Republic Wedding

6. August 2014 / Blog /

When I was asked to shoot a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic for Stephanie & Dave it was out of the question to say no!
I was really happy to be part of their phenomenal celebration. I was following them for 3 days from morning till late to get enough footage for a great wedding short film. We have been very lucky with the weather so I was able to capture great moodshots to show this tropical environment and we had a beautiful sunset wedding ceremony.
Even though Steph & Dave have never been in front of a camera before, they did a great job and I think everybody was really happy with the final result.

You can find the supporting photo gallery here 00

As I was in the Caribbean now I decided to spent a few more days to explore a little. I couldn’t travel the whole country, only the area, but as you get away from the resorts for a few miles you can already gain a good taste of the real nature of the Dominican Republic.

06_MG_9486 See the “Dominican Republic” photo gallery

Paddy Kelly IN LIVE – DVD release

11. Juni 2014 / Blog /

After a long and exhausting postproduction we finally finished the Paddy Kelly Live DVD and I am really happy with the quality and the look & feel of this product. The whole production went almost perfectly and everybody involved made it possible to create a concert recording which can easily compete with much bigger productions.

Screen Shot PK

Here you can find some more information about the project: Paddy Kelly IN LIVE – Solo & Unplugged