Cambodia 2015 – Shorty

8. Juli 2015 / Blog /

In June I was travelling to Cambodia for the first time. After being to Vietnam several times the general culture was not entirely strange to me. But still I really enjoyed being back to SE Asia. Cambodia, with it’s strong but really sad history surprised me with a great sense of solidarity and hospitality. The Capital City Phnom Penh was way more developed and modern as I expected, the Minority Tribes in the Mekong area offer several villages with homestays where tourists are very welcome to experience the country living, and the Temple City of Siem Riep was as expected a tourist hotspot with lots of shopping and nightlife opportunities. But how much can I tell from my only 2 weeks short Trip…
Here is a first short video with some highlights of that adventure with imagery from mostly Phnom Penh, Kratie and Siem Riep
Shot on the BMPCC and the Sigma art 18-35 F1,8 with Speedbooster.