I love making things look good. You want things to look good. So, by implication you want me to make your things look good.

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Chris Bucanac Graduate Designer (UAS)

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I have a camera and I do know how to use it.

For most of the people it always depends on who you are facing, whether you define yourself by what you do OR who you are. For myself I realized that these two things have to mesh. Doing an every day job in the morning to live in the afternoon is out of the question. How much lifetime would I waste? I carry my love for aesthetic images everywhere, even though I do not always carry a camera. There are so many lovely moments in life. Beautiful faces, breathtaking sunsets. You gotto learn to appreciate the beauty around you. Freedom and joy is what we pursue for.

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Concept development


Corporate & graphic design


Visual communication seems to be self-evident nowadays
Usually it won't get questioned.
However, because of that it is much more difficult to control. That means that all of today's advertising material must be placed at a very high and sophisticated level.

To infinity and beyond

Pictures are the peak of today's visual communications.
Evolutionary images represent the simplest way of communication. But still no age is dominated by visual communication as strong as ours.
Images make it possible to convey a wealth of detail that is often difficult to describe with only words.

To reveal its best side.

Whether traditional print products, multimedia, or a comprehensive brand development, advertising should not be underestimated. Modern and high quality designs define the appropriate effect in public.