Hong Kong – Efficiency meets Streetfood

21. Januar 2015 / Blog /

Find my photo series here: Hong Kong – Where business men have lunch on tiny plastic chairs

I didnt know what to expect when I decided to visit Hong Kong. A modern city? A traditional asian city? I found both. Depending where you go and look you can find an absolute modern and busy business city or on the other side the streetfood and the chaotic bustle like Ive seen it in other asian cities like Bangkok. It was an awesome experience and for sure not the last time Ive been here!

Hong Kong Skyline

When I arrived my friend who lives in Hog Kong told me to catch a bus into the city as it was cheaper than the train. I was already impressed how easy it was to find the right bus stop, but that was just the beginning. Hong Kong offers you everything you would be looking for in a modern world city. There is Wifi everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere! Like mostly I wanted to by a local Sim Card for my phone, but in the end I had no trouble to communicate because I almost constantly had a Wifi connection. Provided in every train station and all important tourist spots as well as in shopping malls and other random places. The best thing: As tourist you register via SMS and get 7 days for free! How awesome is that!

But also besides the telecommunication – I loved Hong Kong. The variety of the city. You will find everything from cheap traditional chinese street kitchens up to Michelin Star Fine Dining Restaurants. If you are in the CBD and the Subway you could feel a little bit like in a SciFi movie but if you go to Sham Shui Po you will find the puls of china with its street markets and thousands of people trying to make their living with cheap copied products…

I was lucky to have a friend who lives there since about 4 years, so we basically went out every night and I got to see so many different spots. Local soup kitchen, fancy rooftop bar, the crazy Wednesday night horse race, Lion Rock which gives you the best view over the Kowloon area, and so much more.
If you ever have a week to spare or a stopover in Asia, Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit!

Amana Melome – Lock and Key

21. Januar 2015 / Blog /

I did the editing for Amana Melome’s Lock and Key. It is the single for her latest Album announced end of 2014. Just before I left New York City I was asked to do the editing. Everything was shot already so it wasn’t a problem to stay in touch via email and skype and finish the project to everybody’s satisfaction. Its a great song and it was transferred into evenly great images by Italien DOP Valentina Camiglia. I am happy that I could also add a little of my own spirit to this nice piece of art!