“Sprachsommer Aachen”

28. März 2014 / Blog /

Imagevideo for a language program for international students in Germany.

The Language Academy Aachen has a summer course program for students who want to study in germany. Every year from July till September they offer a language course in combination with lots of excursions and fun activities. During the summer of 2013 I joined many activities and the language lessons to capture enough footage for a video which shows the variety and the benefits of this education/holiday program.
It was great time with students from all over the world!

Now for the upcoming season I finalized the video with subtitles so that hopefully many future students will be choosing the Aachener Sprachsommer.

with “theJourney” at the Book Fare Leipzig

19. März 2014 / Blog /

The Bookfare in Leipzig was a really nice experience. I had no expectations and so it was a great weekend. We had our first 2 official readings with “theJourney” (www.theJourney.com.de). It was not easy to choose the right chapters but very cool to see that people seem to like the book.
The first reading one was in collaboration with STA-Travel. Thanks a lot to Franzi and the rest of the Team! We hope there will be more readings in other cities with STA soon.
The 2nd one was on the last day of the fare and I didn’t expect many people to come, especially because there was a break in the reading booth before… But finally another 20 people showed up.

All in all: Leipzig is a great City. A good mix of history and modernity – in all aspects.
And hundreds of events like readings, music and poetry slam all over the city make it even more exciting to wander around and enjoy this weekend dedicated to the written word.

And the Manga Comic Con was for sure the most entertaining part of the book fare. I didn’t know it was too until we arrived and saw all these crazy dressed up people in really crazy complex costumes…

Paddy Kelly DVD Production

12. März 2014 / Blog /
15Paddy Kelly DVD

The last weekend was a long weekend.
But it was really successful and I am sure the whole team really enjoyed these few days working together.

In an old factory building in Duisburg we recorded the new Show of Paddy Kelly for a DVD release. An old industrial atmosphere combined with a perfect light performance made this solo act a really impressive concert experience. I was there with a team of 7, almost everything went smooth as planned so that we achieved really good results with a comparatively small technical setup.

At this point I want to thank my camera crew Stefan, Octavian, Dirk, Patrick, Shawn, Moe and the audio & production crew Sven & Dirk with their team and our light-designer Rene for his amazing work. It’s been a lot of fun working with everybody and I look forward to starting the editing now.
Photo f.l.t.r.: Dirk, Stefan, Octavian, Sven, Shawn, Chris, Patrick, Moe

01Paddy Kelly DVD

02Paddy Kelly DVD

04Paddy Kelly DVD

05Paddy Kelly DVD

11Paddy Kelly DVD

12Paddy Kelly DVD

13Paddy Kelly DVD

14Paddy Kelly DVD

15Paddy Kelly DVD

17Paddy Kelly DVD

18Paddy Kelly DVD

24Paddy Kelly DVD

20Paddy Kelly DVD

21Paddy Kelly DVD

22Paddy Kelly DVD

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25Paddy Kelly DVD

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34Paddy Kelly DVD