“Edudip” Portrait Shooting

12. Februar 2014 / Blog /

I was asked again to photograph new Corporate Portraits for Edudip. They are mainly used on their company website. We didn’t want to go with basic profile pictures, so we choose to combine some really “boring” black&white photos at everybodys desk with some more friendly and colorful hover pictures.

you can finde them here: www.edudip.com/ueberuns

“Welcome Home” docu series online

1. Februar 2014 / Blog /
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Welcome home is a new project I created with and about Angelo Kelly, a musician who recently settled down in Irelands countryside. The series is about their first month in their new life, the rebuilding of the house, the learning about a selfsufficient lifestyle and for sure about making music together as a family.

I spend about 15 days with them in their new home to shoot the series. We visited many different people and so I had a great chance to get to know an Irish lifestyle which is really different to what you know from middle-europe! It reminded me a lot to some places I visited in Australia. (except the rain and the cold…)

You can find the series on Angelos Youtube channel
There will be a new episode for 7 weeks from 1st February till 15th March. Each episode runs for about 10 min.

Here is the first episode on my vimeo: